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About Us

The Indian Dental Association, a premier organization of practising dental professionals in the country. Established in 1946 it carries out several activities aimed at serving the public and the members. IDA also helps the government in designing oral health strategy for the country. It is the platform for interaction and implementation of policies for enrichment of the dental fraternity, students of dentistry and the general public and liaises with the government and other institutional agencies like the dental institutions and the corporate sector involved in oral care services. IDA also associates with non-governmental organizations for better outreach.

IDA operations span the whole country spreading across the State, UT’s and local branches accounting for an overall membership of over 75000 dental professionals and students in the country.

The main focus of IDA is on prevention and interception of dental diseases than cure. By pioneering a strategy of prevention, it educates the people on the importance of oral health for improving the quality of life as also the ill effects of lifestyle changes on oral and systemic health. Its programmes on oral cancer, tobacco cessation, child dental centres are testimony to this.

In an effort to improve the quality of service rendered to the community, it conducts continuing dental education programmes intended to keep its members abreast of the latest practices in dentistry to enhance knowledge and skills of its professionals and discharge its social obligation of improving the quality of service rendered to the community.

Dr. Raveendranath M President
Dr. Subhra Nandy President Elect
Dr. Ashok Dhoble Hon. Secretary General
Dr. Deepak Muchhala
Organising Chairman
Dr. Hemanshu Mehta
Organising Sceretary

The Digital Revolution is changing the world: computers and digital devices are making what were previously manual tasks easier, faster, cheaper and more predictable.

Even in dentistry, digital technologies are rapidly advancing: intraoral, desktop and face scanners, cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), software for computer-assisted-design/ computer-assisted-manufacturing (CAD/CAM) and fabrication procedures like milling and 3D printing are changing the way we treat our patients.

For this reason, the International Digital Dentistry Society (DDS) has been formally established.


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Dr. Francesco Mangano President of DDS
Dr. Ashwini Bhalerao Board Member- DDS
Dr. Aqeel Reshamvala DDS India- Ambassador
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